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What makes ARTHRO- EASE Different?

Like millions of Americans, I battled for years with the pain and stiffness of osteoarthritis that affected many of my joints (knee, thumbs, shoulder, neck, ankle). When I was younger, I would take an occasional NSAID (like ibuprofen or Aleve) to help recover from the myriad sprains and strains that come from playing sports. As I got older, the sprains and strains became aches, pains, and stiffness from arthritis. Like many arthritis sufferers, I began taking NSAID’s more regularly to help with the pain and stiffness. As my pain and stiffness worsened, I became dependent on these prescription medications to function. I gave up participating in many activities because I was in too much pain. While knee replacement surgery helped alleviate a large component of my arthritis pain, I was still taking these medicines to help with my other joints.

As an Orthopedic Surgeon, I knew that there were potentially serious risks to the long-term use of NSAID’s, including kidney damage, bleeding, and possible cardiac death or stroke. Because of my concerns about these harmful side effects, I would stop taking these NSAID’s for a week or so, several times a year. While this allowed my decreased kidney function to return to normal, it wasn’t enough to significantly decrease any of the other risks. Additionally, I was in a significant amount of pain. When I realized that I had been taking NSAID’s on a relatively consistent basis for over 30 years, I knew something had to change. To try to decrease my NSAID consumption and their inherent risks, I started to try arthritis supplements. I had spent a small fortune on various supplements, believing in all the hype and million - dollar advertising campaigns, touting the miraculous benefits of everything from Shark Cartilage to aloe vera to egg- shell collagen. There had to be something better!

As a surgeon, I would never try a new procedure or use a new technique unless there were good data and scientific studies that supported the benefits of the new technique or procedure. Curiously, however, I was willing to try a supplement on myself, based solely on a slick or convincing advertising campaign. Accordingly, I resolved to dig deeper. While I knew that supplements weren’t FDA approved and that the most stringent scientific studies were not required to sell a supplement, I thought that there had to at least be some good science related to the use of the arthritis supplements on the market.

I spent hours reading hundreds of studies detailing the efficacy of the top 25 supplement ingredients available for arthritis. While the majority of the studies were limited and/or inconclusive, there were numerous, well-done, randomized and controlled scientific studies that did show positive benefits for several ingredients. Through continued review, I then discovered that the majority of the supplements being sold didn’t contain the amount of the ingredient for which the studies showed positive results.

When someone goes to the store to buy something and are presented with the choice of regular or extra strength, they usually opt for the extra strength, because they want the most and the best of whatever it is. I had  ARTHRO-EASE formulated to be the “Extra Strength” arthritis supplement, containing the best ingredients in appropriate dosages. I then tested it not only on myself, but several family members who are physicians, their families, and several friends/patients with moderate to severe arthritis. While this in no way resembled “good science” and was, at best, anecdotal evidence, I knew I could trust these people to give me an honest review. Besides, if it didn’t help me or them, there was no way I could look a patient in the eye and tell them it works!

I am happy to say since starting ARTHRO-EASE, I have not had to take an NSAID for my joint pain or stiffness. While it didn’t totally eliminate all of the symptoms in all of those who took it, their pain relief and increased joint mobility had all of them asking for more.

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